Sky De ICAM config - Enigma2 Device Only .


Sky De icam config - Linux Device Only

First of all you must have image that allow ecm in http streams ( openblackhole 5.1 - open pli 8 and many more ..... )


Include ECM in http streams – yes

Descramble sending http streams – NO

Descramble receiving http streams – NO

Next Install Latest Ncam 13.1 or 13.2

you can download IPK package for all linux device here

or install via command

wget -O - | /bin/sh

install it in your device and add CCcam Server Normaly.

Next download enigma2 setting ipk file in attachement.. and install in your device.

so you will see Sky DE channel list in favourites


and all ok Sky De is Ok On Your Device .


  • enigma2-plugin-extensions-icamsettings_1.2_all.ipk
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These settings for openatv image

If using radegast change:

  1. Include ECM in HTTP streams – YES
  2. Descramble HTTP streams – NO
  3. Descramble received HTTP streams – NO
  4. Load unlinked userbouquets – YES
If using dvbapi change:

  1. Include ECM in HTTP streams – NO
  2. Descramble HTTP streams – YES
  3. Descramble received HTTP streams – NO
  4. Load unlinked userbouquets – YES
save and exit
extract and upload in etc/enigma2
edit and add the line in above
#SERVICE 1:7:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:FROM BOUQUET “” ORDER BY bouquet
save and exit
restart enigma2

Download Oscam config

Download Oscam Binary
Download userbouquet2 ICAM

Download oscamicam ipk
Which one should I use oscam-emu only ipv4 or dual ipv6/ipv4 with OpenATV?
What is radegast?
thank for how to and files.....great job. written with telnet now...still adjust the config.I will test and report
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After some tests with different oscam sever, I think this works best:: Softcam Ncam 14.6.

label = D4E
protocol = cccam
device =,xxxx
user = user
password = PW
inactivitytimeout = -1
reconnecttimeout = 10
cacheex_block_fakecws = 1
group = 1
dropbadcws = 1
cccversion = 2.3.2
cccmaxhops = 1
cccwantemu = 1
ccckeepalive = 1
First of all,thank you for the infos.I have the latest Ncam 14.9 but the image keeps freezing.Are there any settings that I have to do to make things go smoother?
And can someone tell me if the Movistar package still works or no?Thanks in advance.
The quality of icam is very dependent on traffic. some days very good, others not. Bundesliga is an example of this. You can change the oscamserver config a bit, but you'll have to live with freezer. Ncam or oscam doesn't matter... the image freezes Moviestar has also activated NO CS possible